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AZ Measurement is a service-oriented distributor of electronic displacement and measuring equipment. Customers around the world choose our products for industrial applications. Wherever there is a need for accurate and reliable instrumentation, you will find AZ Measurement.

AZ Measurement distributes precision products to sense, test, measure, and monitor equipment in a myriad of industries.

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Dimetix Laser System

  • Powerful and robust laser distance measurement sensors designed to meet the demands of any industrial measurement application
  • Accurate and contact-less distance measurement with ±1.5 mm (±0.06") accuracy at distances up to 500 meters (1640 feet)

Trummeter belt tension measurer

  • Accurately measures belt tension to maximize belt life
  • Optically checks the strand force of a belt drive
  • Unaffected by color or makeup of the belt
  • Displays results in Hertz, Newtons, or pounds

Eddy-Current Sensors

  • Highly accurate measurement for thickness of non-conductors such as polymeric films, rubber sheets, etc.
  • Insensitive to water, oil or dust
  • Enable user to build up a system that is resistant to the environment
  • A great low-cost investment


AZM Resistance Linear Products

  • Provide accurate sensing, monitoring, advanced analysis and diagnostic technology
  • Ideal for vibration, position and/or speed for critical machining processes
  • Environmentally friendly — lead-free and no hazardous substances
  • Used in a broad array of applications